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CPA - Surface & Panel 2011 Buyers Guide - Full Version (PDF)  The 2011 Buyers Guide is the most complete resource for under-standing and specifying composite panels and decorative surfaces. Wood Properties (Techsheets) - North American Softwoods  Wood Properties (Techsheets) - North American Hardwoods  Wood Properties (Techsheets) - Tropical Hardwoods The Wood Database   Maintenance of signs and sign supports - US DOT RESOURCES Articles and information about our products and Links to Industry Standards. Hardwood Plywood Information - specific product information from Columbia Forest Products  Article about Hardwood Plywood - sponsored by Columbia Forest Products

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APA - Grades & Specifications - Product Guide (PDF) APA - Sanded Plywood - Product Guide (PDF) APA - HDO/MDO - Product Guide (PDF) APA - PS1-95 - Voluntary Product Standard                           - Construction and Industrial Plywood (PDF) Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Publications - For Purchase

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