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Specialty laminates from Pionite offer some of the finest products available today. These include items that provide structural stability, color-through surfaces, chemical resistance, fire rated surfaces and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.
Pionite understands the challenge designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors face when specifying a high pressure laminate. Whether your project calls for a high-quality decorative laminate for residential use or a specialty surface that can withstand the extremes of a commercial environment, Pionite has the solution you need.
Pionite Decorative Surfaces
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Pionite products have been developed to meet the challenges you face everyday when specifying surface solutions for your projects. Whether you are a designer, architect, manufacturer or contractor, we have the products you need.

We invite you to look through the range of products available, from standard HPL through specialty surfaces and custom print applications.

We're confident that Pionite has just what you are looking for, and more, to bring style, color,
design, innovation
and quality to your next project.
Product Lines:
Pionite High Pressure Laminate - the ideal surface for almost any horizontal or vertical application. Our extensive palette,
quality manufacturing standards and innovative style will soon make it your first choice when specifying a laminate for your next project. Industry professionals recognize the value of Pionite HPL for countertops, vanities, cabinets, store fixtures, furniture, postforming applications and much more. Whether it's a residential or commercial application you can be confident
of Pionite's quality, integrity and performance.
Specialty Products

ChemGuard - a unique, chemical-resistant laminate that provides protection throughout its entire thickness. This makes it one
of the most effective products of its kind available today by assuring you the chemical resistance you need even if the surface is cut or scratched.  ChemGuard can be specified in most Pionite styles and colors. Thicker grades can be used as self-supporting work surfaces in certain applications

DecoCor - may be the ultimate choice available today for a structurally engineered laminate. Its unmatched strength comes
from over four decades of experience perfecting laminate flooring for bowling alleys and other hard-use environments. It is ideal for lavatory and dressing room partitions, office workstations, and more. Engineered with a dense phenolic core, it is available in thicknesses up to one inch.

Leatherlam - combines the luxury of top grain leather with the durability of a high quality laminate. Using a patented process*,
100 percent leather is thermally-fused to an engineered backing sheet. Its long lasting surface is ideal for a wide range of applications. Leatherlam looks and feels like genuine leather because it is. Leatherlam is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Yet, unlike other products, its surface doesn't require any special conditioners after cleaning.

MelCor II - is Pionite's color-through laminate that provides continuous color even on the edges of your finished product. Using
a patented process, Melcor II gives your design the flexibility to use the edge of your product to enhance its overall appearance. Melcor II is also available in multi-toned or sandwich colors that can provide interesting banding, engraving and groove techniques.

Hi-Wear Laminate - is an outstanding product offering five times the wear resistance of standard grade HPL. Hi-Wear laminates
are manufactured with a unique process that enables them to stand up in applications that are prone to increased abrasion, scuffing and constant cleaning. This durability, along with the style you expect from Pionite, make this an ideal choice for the food industry and retail locations. Salad bars and buffets, tabletops, bar surfaces, checkout counters mailrooms and copy centers are just a few of the locations that come to mind for specifying Pionite Hi-Wear laminate.

Fire Rated Laminate - is a high performance product available in all Pionite colors and designs, including solids, woodgrains and
abstracts. For this reason, Pionite fire rated laminate provides an ideal protection and design flexibility. On the surface, you won't be able to tell the difference from our standard laminate. However, once you look below you'll find tough, layer upon layer of high quality protection against combustion and smoke production—protection that can meet the most demanding specifications and fire ratings.

Pionite Markerboard Laminate - provides a nonabsorbent, dry erase compatible surface suitable for a variety of applications
for boardrooms, schools, clinics and hospitals.

Postforming Laminate - is used in applications where a rolled edge is desirable. The rolled edge eliminates seams and
produces a smooth, attractive appearance to the finished assembly. Typical uses include countertops, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and desktops.

Resobak - is a single-ply backing sheet that can be applied to a substrate faced with high pressure decorative laminate. With
proper application, Resobak will help to provide dimensional stability to the assembly, reducing the likelihood of warpage. Resobak sheets are available in either brown or black. A slight variation in color is normal and should be anticipated. Resobak sheets are not sanded.

Pearlescent Laminate - showcases a dazzling array of patterns printed with metallic and pearlescent inks. Type G27 is a
vertical grade laminate intended for non-postforming, low abrasion applications. Type F26 is a postformable, vertical grade laminate intended for low abrasion applications. Pearlescent laminate should not be used in horizontal applications.

Backing Sheets - are applied to the back of a substrate that is faced with a high pressure decorative laminate. With proper
application, Pionite Backing Sheets will provide dimensional stability to the assembly, reducing the likelihood of warpage. Pionite Backing Sheets are phenolic laminate that are not intended for decorative surfacing. A slight variation in color is normal and should be anticipated. Pionite Backing Sheets are available in either brown or black. Backing Sheets are normally sanded on one side, however, both sides can be sanded.

Metallic Surfaces - surfaces are available in two different constructions:
All Metal: Pionite solid metals are aluminum sheets
with an anodized finished surface to provide optimum decorative qualities. Phenolic Back: Pionite phenolic back metallic laminates combine the aesthetics of solid metal with the ease of application of regular decorative laminates.

Cabinet Liner - provides a durable and attractive surface to the inside of cabinets and drawers. Cabinet liner also imparts
dimensional stability to substrate that is faced with high pressure decorative laminate.