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Nevamar is committed to developing innovative HPL products that provide customers with the value and versatility they need to fulfill their creative vision.
As part of Panolam Industries we have the traditions, skills and resources necessary to meet, and often exceed, the expectations of our customers for product innovation and service. Take a look at our full line of products, many featuring our exclusive, patented ARP technology that keeps HPL surfaces looking new for many years to come.
Nevamar Decorative Surfaces
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Nevamar continues its long-standing tradition of design and technical innovation featuring a broad selection of quality products. Today, our High Pressure Laminates are more versatile than ever. Simply look at what we offer among our specialty laminates and
you'll know exactly what we mean.

Nevamar HPL also features our exclusive Armored Protection surface that resists wear and keeps our laminates looking new longer. And, with our GREENGUARD certification you can be assured that you've chosen one of the best HPL products for our environment.
Product Lines:
Nevamar High Pressure Laminate - our standard HPL offers an eclectic blend of visual materials, styles and palettes that reflect both a contemporary flair for design and a well honed sense of tradition. Our new VIP Collection introduces 15 colors with a fresh style and greater versatility for your latest project. Throughout our full collection you'll see how Nevamar delivers the value and versatility you are looking for to expand your creative vision. And, most Nevamar decorative laminates feature our exclusive, patented Armored Protection surface that keeps them looking new longer.
Specialty Products - Nevamar's complete line of specialty laminates are engineered to meet the demands of specialized applications, while providing the beauty you want and the performance you expect.

ChemArmor - tested and proven to have superior chemical resistance and significantly higher NEMA wear value than
competitive laminates. It provides resistance to acids/bases, solvents, stains, indicators and general reagents. ChemArmor continues to look good even in the harshest environments, making it ideal for horizontal surfaces in laboratories, healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturing plants and more.

Static Dissipative Laminates - are ideally suited for a variety of electronically sensitive applications. Our SDL products meet,
or surpass all standards for electrical properties even at low humidity levels. Nevamar SDL practically eliminates surface shedding, reducing it to one-tenth that of conventional laminates while providing long-term resistance to surface abrasion.

Nevamar SDL sheets - available in postformable grade designed for permanent lamination to work station furniture
surfaces. SDL sheets are individually cetified and labeled to meet specific electrical property requirements.

Nevamar SDL mats  - feature our exclusive Armored Protection surface. They are an economical way to provide full
static discharge protection at existing work stations without the need to replace furniture or existing countertops. SDL mats are manufactured in a balanced construction and individually certified.

Fire Retardant laminate - manufactured for use on interior surfaces where a fire retardant, decorative, wear and stain
resisitant surface is required. Durable and easy to maintain, these laminates are typically used in elevators, municipal construction, retail environments, cabinetry and similar applications. Nevamar fire retardant laminates are UL-Listed and available in two grades. Nevamar fire retardant laminate can be specified in solids, patterns and woodgrains with a choice of finishes.

ThickLam phenolic core - laminated on both sides and ready for use in a variety of applications such as partitions, work
stations, paneling, transportation vehicles and industrial work surfaces. ThickLam is available in a range of thicknesses to eliminate the use of substrate. It is useful wherever flat, freestanding panels are needed for decorative purposes. Nevamar solid phenolic core laminate is produced in a textured finish with our exclusive Armored Protection surface and has all the properties of conventional laminate. All panels are manufactured to order in any Nevamar design at a small minumum quantity.

Engraving Stock - produced for interior use in a variety of colors and patterns. It is ideal for complementing or contrasting with
any interior color scheme. The laminate is engineered for ease of engraving and will remain trouble free for years. Nevamar engraving stock fabricates quickly and easily into signs and nameplates for virtually any interior environment. It's ideal for signage hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and factories—virtually anywhere interior identification is required. Engraving stock is resistant to scratches and is easily cleaned.

Laminated Floor Tile - is ideal for computer rooms, hospital operating rooms, light manufacturing and other environments that
require layout flexibility and ease of access. Nevamar laminated floor products are an ideal solution for these types of installations. They are durable, impact resistant, easy to maintain and available in an attractive selection of colors and patterns.

Laminated Floor Tile Standard Grades - All items are manufactured to order with most designs also available in
general purpose, high pressure laminate sheets to coordinate with cabinetry and built in fixtures. Standard grade Laminated Floor Tile has low static generation, especially important for computer rooms. Tiles are manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI and NEMA requirements as indicated in Publication LD-2000 for high pressure decorative laminate. Laminated Floor Tiles also comply with NFPA guidelines.

Laminated Floor Tile Conductive Grades - Nevamar Conductive Flooring Laminate has significantly lower surface and
volume resistivity, resulting in a product ideally suited for applications requiring rapid bleed down of static electricity charges. This makes it an excellent choice to satisfy the requirements of computer rooms, clean rooms and hospital operating rooms. The conductive components are completely encapsulated within the surface which means they are not a source of environmental contamination.

Paparazzi! Holographic Surfacing features four unique finishes for a reflective effect, available in your choice of any Nevamar
laminate solid color. Paparazzi is not rated for NEMA abrasion requirements and is intended for low abrasion, vertical applications only.

Products for the Transit Industry - With six distinct products and over 270 colors and patterns, Nevamar offers one of today's
broadest lines of high pressure laminates for bus and railcar interiors. An affordable combination of beauty, durability and simple maintenance, Nevamar laminates are ideal for dining tables, wainscoting, bulkheads, lavatories, windscreen panels, center ceiling and curved side ceiling panels. In addition to buses and railcars, Nevamar laminates are also used extensively for sea-going vessels, pleasure boats, luxury yachts and motor homes.

A laminate for every need.

1. SPECIAL PURPOSE SP 125 GOOD TWO SIDE - Highly recommended for decorative use in transportation vehicles,
paneling and partitions. Good two side, thermosetting high pressure laminate for use on interior surfaces, either horizontal or vertical. (0.125" thick).

2. FIRE RETARDANT PFR-2 - For use where a fire rating is required on all interior finishes. Ideal for wall surfaces,
dining tables and lavatory tops in railcar or bus vehicles. (0.050" thick).

3. MELUMINUM - Designed for decorative interior use in transportation vehicles on either vertical or horizontal
surfaces (ceiling panels, bulkheads or wainscoting panels). (0.025", 0.080" and 0.110" thick aluminum with a 0.015" melamine surface fused to the aluminum substrate).

4. SPECIAL PURPOSE SP 125 POSTFORMING - GOOD TWO SIDE - For decorative use in transportation vehicles,
paneling, partitions, side ceiling panels. Good two side, thermosetting high pressure laminates for use on horizontal or vertical  surfaces. Postformable. (0.125" thick).

5. SPECIAL PURPOSE SP 125 - For decorative use in transportation vehicles, paneling or partitions designed for
horizontal or vertical use. (0.125" thick).

6. SPECIAL PURPOSE LAMINATE FOR TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES - 1/10", 1/8" and 1/4" one or good two side
thermosetting laminate panels recommended for transportation vehicle ceiling and side panels, windscreens and modesty panels. Suitable for horizontal or vertical interior use.
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