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Since our beginning over 45 years ago, one simple principle has served Biewer Lumber™ well: deliver the best products and services to our customers. This is a commitment that has kept our business growing, and a philosophy we intend to keep.
Biewer Lumber™ is a third generation, family owned group of companies that is committed to the environment and sound forest practices. We take pride in our family of employees and we make it our goal to operate the safest and most effective facilities.

Biewer Lumber was a pioneer in the treating industry, and remains a leader today. Our commitment to safe, productive treating facilities has made our company one of the most reliable and respected treaters in the country.
Biewer Lumber
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St. Clair, MI 48079
No matter what type of project you have, Biewer Lumber offers a complete line of Untreated Lumber products. These high quality products range from standard 2x4’s used for rough construction to Prime boards used for fine furniture. As with all our wood products, our untreated lumber will have a better appearance than our competition for the same grade.
Lumber - Untreated
Lumber - Treated
For more product information - visit the Biewer Lumber web site at www.biewerlumber.com.